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Tyrant Missing! The Strange Sphere!

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Tyrant Missing! The Strange Sphere!

Post#1 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:18 am

((Continued from The Mysterious Temple



((OOC Logs here cannot be used IC))

*Alone in his lab Mikron was contemplating the Chaos Matrix he was carefully crafting as an experiment when something came over the Demon Channels*

""FUCK!... can use some he..." and before she could finish her sentence the connection with the Tyrant and the rest of the world drops... not even static. Alarm bells in Hell are going off as the Tyrants presence isn't felt in this realm anymore, nor her Will which sustains various processes in Hell... such as its structural integrity. Only a faint trace of her Chaos Energies are detected near that odd Sphere at the south of Remembrance its border."

*Mikron raced down the stairs, the disturbances shook him to the core, the sudden event shaking everything in his world. His leisure clothes dissolved into the thick armor once more, vacation was over and it was War...He paniced at the sensations he felt. He raced through the alleys to Sins Eye seeking Sindy*

[14:11] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) crashes into Sins Eye to find Sindy, his tone distressed and worried "Sindy! I've heard on the channels...The Tyrant..."

*Seeing Sindy was deep in a trance he fled for the mysterious sphere, seeking answers...he needed answers but he didn't know what he was getting into and had to choose caution...Demonkind needs its leaders.*

[14:21] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) sensing the turbulent tremors in Chaos and the Tyrant's sudden disappearance from the realm, Hell's stability shuddered, He raced to the mysterious and perplexing orb now surrounded with an energy field. This the last place, the Tyrant's presence was felt before the mysterious message of distress blasted over the Demon channels. Cautiously he approached it, his senses exploring the strange platform where the Tyrant had vanished, seeking answers he sought to try and identify this energy, so familiar and yet different like a long off memory tickling the consciousness. He extended his senses to this place seeking to find where the Tyrant could have gone, or what could have befallen her. Whatever it was, he felt a glimmer of worry scratching at him.

[14:42] The Narrator of this RP (bizarre.obscure) "Mikrons approach does not go unnoticed and as he passed through the energy sphere surrounding the structure the strange energies floating around seemed to open up and welcome him inside. A faint trace of the Tyrants presence lingered in the room, not hard for mik to sense. The energy from the sphere itself feeling like a familiar blanket and seem to ignore the lingering energies of the Tyrant. Something happened here though... though the spheres energies opened up... there seem to be some odd folds in the fabric.

[14:50] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) The opening of the energies did not surprise him, even though he knew he might just be walking into the same trap the Tyrant was taken by, he needed answers, to find out whats happened and how to fix it. The Tyrant's energies lingered and he felt them easily, faint and like an afterthought, this concerned him. The sphere's energies blanketed him like an old friend but it did not give him comfort. He picked up, faintly on these odd folds and he focused on them, wondering what they could be, chaotic? Dimentional? what were these folds...He turned his full attention there seeking to understand..

[15:00] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): Mikron

[15:00] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): Avita is here also

[15:00] Avita Darwin: has hell gone ?

[15:00] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) as avita and sindy approached they'd see Mikron hard at work, his hand extended as he sensed the sphere, his focus on the task at hand but casually he gestured with his staff hand, waving hello with a few fingers.

[15:02] Sindy Elcano (sindy71) watches Mikron recognizing that he's trying to sense something. "Are you getting any clues, Mik?"

[15:03] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) he mumbled "There's some kind of folds in this energy...something...The Tyrant's energies are just...lingering...faint and lost..." He kept looking.
[15:04] The Narrator of this RP (bizarre.obscure) "the more Mikron focusses on the strange blanket of energy the feeling of a sticky dough folded back upon itself. The lingering energy from the tyrant not so much floating, but held in place as raisins in a christmas cake. "

[15:05] Sindy Elcano (sindy71) concentrates her energies trying to sense what Mik is desceibing "I feel something Mik, something that feeels so familiar yet different.

[15:08] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) he concurs "Yes. It itches at my mind...I do not know this energy...not really...and yet the familiarity is like pins gently poking...The Tyrant's energies just...held here...stuck..." He refocuses upon the sticky dough like energies holding the Tyrant's energies in place... he tries to sense where the energies connected to, as if seeking the point where they were disconnected from the Tyrant, like ants following a pheromone trail.

[15:11] Sindy Elcano (sindy71) feels a wave of sadness rush over her "So you think the Tyrant is go..gone?" her voice wavers.

[15:23] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) he sighs as he focuses, trying to follow the Tyrant's energies here, hoping for some clue as to where she might have gone. "I feel only absence...her energies are tethered here but only faint traces...I cannot sense her at all...she's just...absent..."

[15:23] The Narrator of this RP (bizarre.obscure) "Mikron his search for a trace of where the Tyrant might be does not reach further then little into the sticky dough energy itself. No sign of violance or something cut off... almost as if the remains are like singular drops of water folded into the dough... the "visual" folds that are sensed into the though already stuck together and are nothing more then visual at this point"

[15:30] Sindy Elcano (sindy71) hears the word 'absent' which brings some comfort to her as the word doesn't have the finality that 'gone' does. "Well, that's a relief. If she's just absent, maybe she'll return"

[15:30] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) he sighs again. this time he takes his staff, the jewel glowing brightly, the crescent moon of the staff crackles as it becomes sheathed in mystical energy. He holds the staff like a blade with both hands, attempting to pry the folds of energy apart, attempting to get a reaction, the jewel on the staff comes to life. The Tyrant's absence, and no trace of where she could have gone...just gone...he sought to try and scan the folds with the staff's crystal, seeking to scan the Tyrant's remnant energies, thinking perhaps they held some form of imprint of what transpired here. Seeking to see what could be seen in these fragments of her essence, as if trying to view images in a recording, well, seeking a recording to see...

[15:33] Sindy Elcano (sindy71) watches Mikron at work, admiring his arcane knowledge and practices, even though she doesn't really know what he's doing.

[15:40] The Narrator of this RP (bizarre.obscure) "Mikron his prying into the Sphere its dough like energy blanket gets him very little. His probing gets stuck in the though and besides realizing one could get stuck in the dough and their presence here was likely allowed as the dough could easily collapse upon them should it want to. Focusing on the few bits of the Tyrants energy hanging around triggering something of a flashback image in those around. Showing a brief image of the Tyrant being here and raising a chaos charged hand towards the center sphere, not agressive. A cautious approach and a shocking expression of reccognition, fear and awe on her face before the flashback ends,"

[15:45] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): Mik, are you sensing anything more than absence?

[15:47] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) The probing energies of his staff getting stuck in the dough overload it as the staff was not equipped to handle the sphere's energies, nor to get stuck within the folds, the tool was just not made for getting stuck. The flashback shocks him as it's scorched into his mind. The staff cracks as it overloads the crescent shatters into fragments of its black crystalline stone, the haft cracks viciously, as the crescent shatters in a sudden burst, exploding as the energies overload, only the crystal was left in tact, it flew behind them, the flashback recorded within it, and the other sensed information he's managed to pry out of the sphere. The crystal clunks on the floor a few feet behind sindy.

[15:50] Sindy Elcano (sindy71) takes a few steps back as Mik's staff shatters in front of her. As she steps back she trips over the crystal on the floor behind her. Catching her balance she gasps "What just happened?"

[15:54] The Narrator of this RP (bizarre.obscure) "The energies released as Mikrons staff explodes do not dissipate into the air as normal... it actually seems to be "splattering" itself on the spheres energy which is invisibly around them and showing them the caity in the spheres energy they are currently standing in. As if the explosions energy suddenly highlights their surroundings.

[15:54] The Narrator of this RP (bizarre.obscure): "

[15:56] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) he looks down at the staff, the shattered remnants of it...he squeezed and the rest of the haft just fell into dust in his hands. "A feedback loop...this staff wasn't made for energy this...sticky...like kinks in a hose..." he sighed "I did manage to catch a glimpse of the tyrant's last moments before vanishing...Strange and..." he trailed off turning to Sindy his caution heightened to the point of courting fear, for the first time. He took notice of the splattering of the staff's energies. His senses and gaze follow them seeing what they seem to reveal.

[16:01] The Narrator of this RP (bizarre.obscure) "upon a closer look the energies splattered around them reveal they seem to be in a bubble as if they enetered an anus with the sphincter and bowels closing behind them only a large fold behind and in front of them heading to the center of the sphere. The Spheres energies not giving any sign of hostility and is almost laying out a path to the center for them."

[16:13] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) he watches the path the energies have left for them...apprehensively he observes it with heavy suspicion. He pulls a more stable probe from his cloaks shadows. The black crystal hovers in his hand as he extends his hand towards the center giving it his commands "Scan the center...I must know what it is...standard settings for fractures in reality, fissures, rifts, portals, holes, cracks, and dimensional disturbances..." he instructs it. The black stone haphazardly ventures across the platform, it's powers sensing the center as it approaches, seeking to perform the desired instructions. The crystal's defenses made it blink in and out of planes of existence, phasing bewteen the shadow realms of darkness and physical reality, hoping to go unnoticed and gather it's desired intelligence. Mikron watches cautiously

[16:22] The Narrator of this RP (bizarre.obscure) "the physical presence of the crystal is accepted by the energy and a small cavity is formed around it as it moves closer to the center, closing in behind it. Its probeing energies however are not getting any further then the cavity around it and only its phasing between the shadow realms of darkness allows it to transmit back to mikron at the moment it is in the shadow realm. Once it is in this realm its transmissions get completely blocked b the spheres energy dough"

[16:30] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) his brows furrow as he watches this occur, the doughy energy enveloping the crystal, blocking its transmissions... He focuses on its transmissions when it phases in the shadow realms of darkness, catching its inability to penetrate the envelopment of the spheres energies near the center. This causes him more frustration as he recalls the crystal to return to him, it floats back, only to vanish again, retreating to its shadowy realms, where he can store it for now...Mikron then reaches into his cloaks shadows and pulls out one of his pet voidgazers, the small scaled octopus squid like being wriggles, eager to dart about. The small creature, born in the vacuums of space and long dwellers of black holes, the little creature was eager to serve. Mikron tells it his commandments "Go see what you can figure out from the center here... find out what the core is...report back when you do..." he commands, giving it essentially the same instructions as the crystal with the caveat of the creature's ability to transmit on a different mental frequency with a receiver device he had long ago developed for these things. The voidgazer darts eagerly, swimming through the air as if it were water or fluid approaching the center if the doughy energy would permit. He watched eager to see what might transpire, hoping for it to be able to tell him more of the center...clinging to that hope, for the alternative was more terrifying.

[16:45] The Narrator of this RP (bizarre.obscure) "The Voidgazer his physical presence was accepted by the energy dough it needed to travel through and treating Mikron with visuals of the little octopus wiggling its way deeper and deeper into the energy dough. The voidgazer its energy probing revealing little more then the edges of the cavity around it as it travels deeper and deeper... and seemingly much deeper then it visually would appear, but it does eventually reach the center. As the Voidgazer reaches the center it looks almost as if a sperm reached a whomb with the egg to fertilize looming instead, but instead of an egg there seems to be some sort of a strange orb with what seemed to be a micro universe inside of it, but no energy whatsoever seems to be coming from it. '

[16:51] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) Mikron removes the receiver crystal linked to the voidgazers mind, as he views what it sees and senses with his abilities, receiving the images of the center, the micro-universe contained therein, the absence of energy did not caution the little octopus, it rather found it enjoyable, it swam around the orb as if orbiting it, transmitting it's findings to the crystal mirror like device Mikron was using. He viewed over these findings before giving the voidgazer a new order "Try and see if you can access this micro-universe...I must know..." he says, the device giving the voidgazer the mental instructions. The voidgazer then began attempting to form a small black hole portal for itself, as it did, seeking entry in a small black blip the voidgazer vanished seeking to try and open the otherside of its small voidhole into the micro-universe, though if failed it would be easily spat back out, or whatever other fate may befall it...the little creature obeyed seeking entry to try and access this micro-universe

[16:51] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): orb...seeking

[17:09] The Narrator of this RP (bizarre.obscure) "The Voidgazer manages to open a portal into the microuniverse, though is prevented from entering by some sort of barrier. IIt can peek inside however and it transmits an image of what seems to be the flat roof of a castle tower in the center of an unfamiliar star system. On top of the roof there seems to be a strange pillar of energy with large crystals floating around it. 8 Crystals to be precise of which two seemed to have a silhouette inside of them... One female, rather small for current humanoid size with what seemed to be 2 large outstanding ponytails on each side of her head. The other silhouette was more easily recognizable ... it was the Tyrant of the Damned. And at that very moment the portal the Voidgazer had opened to seep into the micro universe collapses, the last image it sees is a cow laying lifeless on the floor next to tbe pillar of energy. ."

[17:16] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) Mikron views the images as his voidgazer views the innards of the micro-universe. He sees the Tyrant encased in the crystal, and the other unrecognizable figure. He is startled by this...The Tyrant was trapped...He took in these images transmitted to him before his voidgazer was lost, its transmission ceased...He was in a state of both distress and anger, a tactical retreat was needed as he needed process all he has witnessed and learned. He turned to go, his voidgazer was lost, or dead...eitherway its purpose was fulfilled for what he needed...He stepped swiftly and picked up his crystal from his staff off the floor and began making his away out of the sphere...His quick steps turned into full running as he desperately tried to get away to safety...He needed time to process and understand this...

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Re: Tyrant Missing! The Strange Sphere!

Post#2 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:25 am

*Sindy and Adri are standing in the Bakery shoppe, old and forgotten...*

[19:25] Adri (adrienne.beliveau): Greetings Mr. Mikron

[19:25] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): Hi there Mik

[19:26] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): how are you two

[19:26] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): whats going on in here?

[19:26] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): Adri is taking over the bakery. I'm just trying to see what she needs.

[19:28] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): oooh! Lovely! Gunna start producing baked goods again?

[19:29] Adri (adrienne.beliveau): Yes, sir, Tommy taught me before he left.

[19:31] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Lovely

[19:31] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): the elves and fae children who might come will appreciate it for sure

[19:31] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): amongst others

[19:31] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): be good to have some fresh vicitims-i mean...residents

[19:31] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): again]

[19:33] Adri (adrienne.beliveau) giggles "Yes, sir"

[19:34] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): Mik, anything new on the Tyrant's disappearance?

[19:34] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Nothing new yet no

[19:34] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): I'm concerned how Candy will react when she finds out...

[19:35] Sindy Elcano (sindy71) whispers: You mean Candy doesn't know yet?

[19:35] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): I haven't seen her yet...

[19:35] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): so i dunno

[19:36] Adri (adrienne.beliveau): Miss Obscure is gone? What a relief.

[19:37] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) stares at adri

*Bobbie appears after lingering outside for some time*

[19:38] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds) tilts her head as she hears Adri and sees the poster. She goes in the bakery, "So, one of Biz's little experiments backfire on her?"

[19:38] Adri (adrienne.beliveau) turns away from Mikron's gaze "Well, I never felt she liked elves very much"

[19:38] Adri (adrienne.beliveau): Oh, hello Bobbie

[19:39] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds) nods at Adri, "Hello."

[19:39] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) turns his gaze to Bobbie "That would be something she'd be able to handle. No, this is something else."

[19:39] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): Greetings Bobbie. Adri is taking over the bakery.

[19:40] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Nice. Better going to an elf.

[19:41] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Yes, be nice to have baked goods around again

[19:41] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds) tilts her head. "I can feel the difference, Now I know what it is. She's here but she's not. Reminds me of how it felt when she got herself trapped in that rock or whatever it was.

[19:41] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Rock?

[19:42] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): to what do you reference

[19:42] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): A while back, didn't she get herself broken up and trapped in a stone or something? It's been a while, but I do remember something like that happening.

[19:43] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): ...No...Spawn and the Infernals at one point sort of, displaced her for a short while...

[19:44] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): it was momentary

[19:45] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): I distinctly remember hearing about her getting herself trapped in pieces in a stone or something the last time she disappeared.

[19:45] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): When Spawn displaced her, a big rock appeared where she had been

[19:46] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): some thought she was turned into a rock

[19:46] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): but she was just displaced between dimensions
[19:46] Sindy Elcano (sindy71) listens with interest

[19:46] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): That must have been it....same kind of feeling....different but similar.

[19:46] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): No this is beyond that...distinctly beyond it...

[19:47] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Whatever this is...makes the Infernals and Spawn look like bathtub floaty toys

[19:47] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): No this is something...older...less specific..

[19:49] Adri (adrienne.beliveau) gets bored with demon talk and begins taking measurements.

[19:49] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds) sighs and rolls her eyes, "I know that. I'm talking similarities. Spawn was from another dimension. We're not where we were. So parallels. Think outside the box."

[19:52] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) rolls his eyes "Yes yes, similarities...except all the dangers we've faced usually come from beyond our dimension to begin with, the big things anyway..."

[19:52] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Doesn't this thing fit that criteria?

[19:53] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Yes and no...put on it the more familiar it is...and yet slips away from idenfication

[19:54] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): like identiofying a wisp of smoke as scented lavender and then when you grab it...its gone

[19:55] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): Maybe you're trying to identify the wrong things? she suggests

[19:56] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Tease it rather than grab it?

[19:56] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) he looks to sindy "Perhaps. A change in strategy may be warranted. "

[19:58] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): I was just thinking that if the manifestion of Biz has changed then perhaps the identifiers have too.

[19:59] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) he ponders on sindys words and looks back to bobbie "Tease it...in what way? It'd be unwise to antagonize it..."

[19:59] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): my efforts so far have been geared to not do so

[19:59] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Her "essence" has changed. Perhaps try to find how it's changed.

[20:00] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Well, he essence is change...now its been more...absent...

[20:00] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): as if the source is contained

[20:00] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): threads severed as it were

[20:01] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Are you using Chaos to try to work with it, identify it?

[20:01] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): remnants that can be found just seem like cut spider threads

[20:02] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Initial efforts were, yes. There's not been time to try something else yet...

[20:02] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): the energy of that giant sphere just...sticks

[20:07] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): If it's Chaos, it may be drawn to Chaos. Perhaps Order rather than Chaos would work better.

[20:08] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): If only we had some magicians of Order...

[20:09] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds) smiles slowly, "Perhaps we do."

[20:09] Adri (adrienne.beliveau) stops her measuring to agree with Bobbiee "Yes, Order is what's needed. Never understood how you Demons functiion with chaos"

[20:11] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Not all of the magic users in NoR use Chaos magic.

[20:12] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) sighs at bobbie's comments "What a simplistic and alarmingly narrow view of what I think, you have"

[20:13] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): I'm just saying.

[20:13] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): And I'm sure you see many things.

[20:13] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): I see more then you assume I do...

[20:14] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) looks to Adri "Chaos is the raw forces of creation, the source and beginning, from which all other specific powers were originated...save some...though they exist, I've not encountered them."

[20:16] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): The last Order styled magician we had was Erish and she, corrupted by the Zombies whole...*gestures dimissively* zombie virus thing...destroyed herself to return to her source...to be further purified...*he questions Bobbie* Why did you have a way to bring her back here?

[20:16] Adri (adrienne.beliveau): Yes, I understand the chaos is the beginning of all things but in order to
progress, one needs Order.

[20:17] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): It takes some looking to find what you need. I told you I've been studying, practicing, learning.

[20:17] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Order has it's moments and place, Adri, you are right

[20:17] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): With Biz in chaos magic, yes

[20:19] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): and yes it takes time...I've run but one encounter...I've a few other ideas as well to try...

[20:20] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds)'s face darkens, her eyebrows drawing together. "Not for a very, very long time. From before we came here. I've been studying with others."

[20:22] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): oh? Such as?

[20:23] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Let's just say I've met some teachers that I've learned a great deal from.

[20:25] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Really with the vague? Haven't we all grown too much to be on this

[20:26] Adri (adrienne.beliveau): Hmm, I need to resume my own studies.

[20:26] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): I've been studying with Elders and learning Order.

[20:27] Adri (adrienne.beliveau): Maybe you should try your hand in this disappearance?

[20:27] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): My teachers said I'm a natural and quite powerful in Order magic.

[20:27] Sindy Elcano (sindy71) scoffs "Mikron, as the Pope, is the most logical person to solve this"

[20:27] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): I'll look into it. I was on my way to check out this orb to see what I could fine out.

[20:28] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Remains to be seen...many teachers have placated their students with grand expressions of "much powerful" only to send them to die horribly

[20:29] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Choose caution with the sphere...

[20:31] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): We'll see. Biz stated I was learning very fast. What the Elders found was I was blocked. Most of the block was gone but now it's totally gone. Blocked by shock and trauma. That's been taken care of.

[20:33] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): and will you share your findings?

[20:33] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Of course....for a price though.....smiles...Biz will undo what she did to Baskers.

[20:34] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Biz does nothing for free. Neither will I. Not for this.

[20:35] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): This is not some errant discrepancy

[20:35] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): I know that.

[20:35] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Clearly not, for such an outlandish price

[20:35] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): particularly one only Biz can pay

[20:36] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Outlandish? really? I'll do what I can. We'll discuss the other later.

[20:38] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): I'll need to check this thing out and see what I can find out.

[20:38] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): The Tyrant, kidnapped by a mysterious force we know nothing about? Possibly the work of this Government of it's affiliates...but you want to settle a petty vendetta?

[20:38] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Perhaps a 2 prong attack, Chaos and Order.

[20:39] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): I am apprehensive of attacking anything without full knowledge of what we're up against

[20:40] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Not petty to me. We'll worry about it later. I meant study it combining Chaos and Oder. If it's Chaos driven, then Order may very well help.

[20:44] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): this most certainly is not Chaos in origin nor derivative

[20:46] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): if this was Biz being held captive by like a mass of angels or something...it would not seem petty...

[20:46] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): Do we know for certain that the angels don't have her?

[20:47] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): THere are only a very few angels here, at least for now. If they had her, her energy would still be detectable. You're saying it's diffuse, like smoke.

[20:48] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): That indicates something else.

[20:49] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): im saying what took her, is diffuse like smoke

[20:49] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): her energy is gone

[20:49] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): cut off

[20:49] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): what remains are like threads of spider silk

[20:49] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): caught on a branch

[20:49] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Angels couldn't do that. They wouldn't do that.

[20:49] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): wafting in a breexe

[20:50] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): angels fantasize about being able to do that

[20:53] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): They aren't willing to do what needs to be done to be able to do that kind of magic. They are magic rather than wielders of magic.

[20:53] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): hardly

[20:53] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): they are merely finger puppets

[20:54] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): who throw "righteousness" over "murder" and pretend it doesnt violate their ethical commandments

[20:55] Adri (adrienne.beliveau) giggles "Angels, the finger puppets of God" and then goes back to her work.

[20:55] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): Well, I'm going to check out that orb then see what I can find in my books.

[20:55] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): That sounds good Bobbie

[20:56] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Mmmhmm

[20:56] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): Please let us know if you find out something.

[20:56] Bobbie (bobbie.faulds): different perspective, different direction. I'll get back with you tomorrow.

[20:58] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow) looks to sindy shaking his head "And thats why humanity went extinct... the gall of making such outrageous demands

[20:58] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): oppurtunistic

[21:01] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): Yes *sighs*

[21:03] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): under different circumstances I'd not mind...but this...this is different

[21:03] Adri (adrienne.beliveau): Excuse me. Now that I have my measurements, I need to go shopping for some furniture.

[21:03] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): alright Adri

[21:04] Adri (adrienne.beliveau) waves bye as she goes off to find Ye Olde Bakery Supply shop

[21:04] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): Bye Adri

[21:09] Sindy Elcano (sindy71): I'm excited to see what she does with this place

[21:10] Mikron The Nightmare (mikronravenoak2.darrow): Indeed, as am i

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